Sound Design & Technology

Csound - Graindrop [2021]

Granular delay plugin programmed in Csound. Will be released on both Windows and macOS as VST2, VST3 and AU-format.

Coming soon at flowsonics.net

Reaper - Titanfall 2 Trailer Sound Redesign [2020]

Sound design over the first part of the Titanfall 2 Single Player Cinematic Trailer. The sounds were created through manipulation of library sounds, and through recording and creating new sounds.

FMOD/Unity - Sound Design and Audio Implementation [2020]

Game Audio Reel that shows some of my experience designing and implementing audio with FMOD into Unity.

Unity/FMOD - LandEscape VR [2021]

Teamwork from a 3-week intensive course that explored gamification of natural hazards such as landslides, and how this can raise awareness and teach one what to do in such a situation.

NI Reaktor - Modulatable Granular Delay Effect [2020]

Summer project where I created a granular delay effect in NI Reaktor.

Download here.

Csound/Cabbage - Synthesizer with built-in effects [2019]

Semester assignment where I created a synth with different waveforms that also has a built in multi-effect.

Download here.

u-he Zebra2 - Physical Modelling synthesis of a trumpet [2020]

My attempt at creating a trumpet sound through synthesis from scratch. It was created by analyzing the sonic components of a trumpet.

Download here.

FMOD/Unity - Musical Escape Room [2020]

Bachelor project where I created a short game that demonstrates some ways audio can be used as a part of different game mechanics.


Escape Rescore (Composition)

My rescore for the short film Escape.

Knightin'+ Trailer (Composition)

Trailer for the game Knightin'+ that is released on both PC and different consoles. I composed the full soundtrack for the game and the trailer music.